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working hard

working hard

I have always enjoyed working hard, going out into the forest, fishing, hunting and spending time on a farm. It was always my dream to own a farm and luckily an opportunity came up in 1971 when our neighbour’s decided to sell theirs. At the time it was no problem to get a loan from the bank. Interest rates were at 6% but unfortunately, that soon changed when the global economy went into recession. The job market was dead in Norway and the interest rates rose to 12% which made it extremely difficult to pay the bills. Carpentry was slowing down, so I also got some sheep, cut wood, sold our own potatoes for 1 kroner per kilo and a few other things but it was not enough.

Things were getting desperate so my brothers and I went to New York and built houses over there. We worked very hard and rarely had time off but I managed to make enough money to send to my wife and pay the mortgage. She was home alone with five children and desperately needed that income. Those days were tough but me and my brothers never gave up. We all had our responsibilities with family back home and we did whatever we could to make sure they were ok. (Part 1/2)

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