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Viking husband

Viking husband

Part 2/2: At the age of 19 I met my Viking husband in New York. He was very handsome, big, strong and it was not long before we were married. Within a few years we had moved back to Norway, bought a farm, had five children and acquired 100 sheep.

Then suddenly the interest rates rose to a staggering 12% and my husband had to go back to New York to make some money. I was left on a 100 year old badly insulated farm with 5 kids and 100 sheep which was really difficult. There were no luxuries and the kids got part time jobs while they were at school to help pay for things. They were all hard working and took nothing for granted.
When the youngest one started school I took a part time job as a telex operator – The job gave me great freedom – I finally had my own money and I ended up working for the company for 27 years.

I found a letter that I wrote to my husband many years ago while he was over there. “The children and I have become very independent, so things have changed. You cannot expect to be able to tell them what to do when you return because they are not used to having you around”. So when he did come back, it was not easy and we had to learn how to live together again.

Those tough early years have only made our relationship stronger and we are now enjoying the rewards of a life of hard work. He is my one true love.

We lost our youngest boy at 21 many years ago but we still have 4 beautiful children, 11 grand kids and 2 great grand kids so we are truly blessed.

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