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love and support

love and support

When you have lived as long as me, you will experience ups and downs in life – it is only natural. How we choose to recover from these events is what makes us who we are. It does not mean that we have to forget, but rather move on.

When my son lost his best friend to suicide many years ago that shocked us all – in fact the whole community. We still do not understand why it happened but we were there for one another. Each year on the anniversary my son visits his grave and family to pay his respects.

On a boat trip once to Denmark, my wife became ill and after being rushed to hospital we found out that she had bowel cancer. She had surgery and chemo therapy afterwards and it looks like she will be ok.

We were able to overcome those terrible events with love and support. What makes life easier and what I really look forward to each day is spending time with my 13 grand children. When I am with them, I do not think about anything else.

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